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Vojta Siman

Music composer and level designer from the Czech Republic.

Music Production

From video game inspired soundtracks to cutting edge electronic music, I compose and produce all kinds of music.

Level Design

I build virtual game worlds for people to explore, usually focused on problem solving.

Other Work

Directing video livestreams, reviewing games, editing videos, programming - these are just some of the things I also do.

Music Production

Producing music is something I genuinely care about. With over ten years of experience in music production, I've had the opportunity to work on various projects and explore different music genres.

Besides producing bespoke music and sound identity for clients, I also create personal fan projects as a tribute to other soundtracks.

My music appears in projects of:

Artistic Music Projects

I run several music projects oriented towards electronic bass music.
Fluxton is my project and moniker. I also create music with my friend Ryan Wilmes under the name FLØQ.

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Level Design

My task as a level designer is to build virtual environment for games and ensure that players are presented with fun, yet challenging tasks, which test both their logic and action skills.

I worked as a level designer on the following projects:

I also have experience with creating modifications and custom maps for games such as Portal and Portal 2 in Source Engine.

Other Work

I help to direct a bi-weekly vidcast INDIAN SHOWTIME for MediaRealms s.r.o.


I've got my bachelor's degree in game development and computer graphics at FEE CTU in Prague. Throughout my studies, I worked on projects like a motion-based MIDI controller for making music, an OpenGL application that renders a 3D scene, and several student games.

Programming languages and software that I used for some of my school homework:

  • C#, XAML

  • Unity

  • C++

  • Python